Cheese-flavoured focaccia - Panificio Canale
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Cheese-flavoured focaccia


500 gr of plain flour

50 gr of extra virgin olive oil

Still water

Table salt

1 kg of fresh cheese


Work the flour, water, extra virgin olive oil and salt so as to obtain a soft and smooth dough. Leave the dough to sit for at least 30 minutes. Take a portion and roll it out until a maximum thickness of one millimetre is obtained.

Place this layer of dough into the baking tray greased with extra virgin olive oil and delicately lay the fresh cheese. Knead the remaining dough and roll to create a second thin layer, so thin as to be almost transparent, and draw carefully over the cheese filling in the baking tray. Seal the filling by pressing all around the edges of the two layers. Cook in the oven at 250° for 5/8 minutes.